Andrea Bacigalupo



Artist Statement

While moving through my daily life, I make lists, take photographs and glean from my environment and surroundings. I walk in urban, rural or wilderness locations, and write in connection with making objects, usually reflecting on family and relationships, and observing how the past and the present exist at the same time. I make spatial fields by placing basic forms, cast in concrete; rods, planks, slabs, wedges and ramps. The viewer is invited to enter the field, an architectural invitation, and to move or roam freely around the objects. I believe that the freedom to roam and move has the power to create an inner harmony and one’s own inner score. 

My work refers to excavation, volumes, and relationships, and I am interested in creating a spatial environment, a platform, plaza and a kind of ruin.



When traveling from the territory of Ersilia,

you come upon the ruins of  the abandoned cities,

without the walls which do not last, without the bones

of  the dead which the wind rolls away; spiderwebs

of  intricate relationships seeking a form.

- from Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino